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“Who are these People” Updates


Update #1: It’s official.  Tomas Ravenel’s name will appear on the November ballot for U.S. Senate.
On August 6th, the South Carolina Election informed Mr. Ravenel that they had certified his required 10,000
signatures and that his name will now appear on the November ballot.
Lindsey Graham, Brad Hutto, Victor Kocher and Thomas Ravenel will be your choices on November 4th,
which one will you choose?

Update #2: Gov. Haley gets a key endorsement
In the 2010 Republican primary, the influential South Carolina Chamber of Commerce endorsed Gresham
Barrett and when he did not win the nomination, they endorsed Democrat Vincent Sheheen.  Fast forward
4 years and the S.C. Chamber of Commerce released their endorsement today, Gov. Nikki Haley.  Past
Chairman of the Chamber said that Gov. Haley has made South Carolina a business friendly state.
Do you think the Chamber made the right endorsement and do you think the endorsement will swing
a significant number of votes her way?

Update #3: We’ve added another “Who are these People” podcast segment.
This past show, we discussed the remaining non-traditional candidates, those running for
Supt. of Education, Agricultural Commissioner and U.S. House District 25.
You can find that segment here.