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Welcome to a new feature: Stories of the Upstate.

Welcome to our newest feature: Stories of the Upstate.
static1.squarespace.comOur friend, Loyd Ford of has created The Stories of the Upstate as an outreach to help tell the unique stories of Upstate South Carolina.  Everyone has a story.  This podcast focuses on the people of Upstate South Carolina, their work, their lives and how this region of the Southeast became such a great place to visit, live and work and what makes the Upstate tick.  Stories of the Upstate is not about the famous, it’s about everyone.

We are so glad to add Stories of the Upstate to our site.  As we promote local business, local charities and local artists, hearing the stories of the people involved helps us connect and work together.

Take a minute and check out this week’s story: Brenda Verdone, “I was bullied.” Click here.