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The 2012 “Vote Informed” Candidate Forum is almost here. Are you ready?

Only a day and a half left before the 2012 “Vote Informed” Candidate Forum and we are excited and looking forward to a great evening! We have 17 candidates lined up, the volunteers are ready to go and all that is left is to fill the auditorium with voters eager to learn. That’s where you come in. If everyone of you would invite just 2 other voters, we could ensure that the University Center Auditorium is packed. What do you say, can we fill the Auditorium? I think we can.

Don’t forget, you’ll be able to pick up a sample ballot, find what districts you are in and where your polling place will be at the Forum.

Listed below, you will find the candidates that will be attending and the offices they are seeking:

4th Congressional District:
Debbie Morrow-Dem
Jeff Sumerel-Green

State Senate

District 6
Tommie Reece-Pet
District 12
Henri Thompson-Dem

State House
District 25
Leola Robison-Simpson-Dem
Tony Boyce-Write-In
District 27
Garry Smith-Rep

County Council
District #25
Ralph Sweeney-Pet.

School Board
District 17
Joy Grayson
District 19
Debi Bush
Ryan Rafalski
Charles Winfield
District 23
Glenda Morrison-Fair
Seth Powell
District 25
Kenneth Baxter

Clerk of Court
Paul Wickesimer
Dexter Reaves Write-In