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Jan. 13, 2014 Podcast: Regulations, Mentally ill inmates, and Long term unemployment

On today’s show, we attempted to answer 3 questions:

1). If only government would back off on regulations, business will regulate themselves, right?

esq-wv-water-0114-T1JLUy-xlg   water collecction

2). Being mentally ill and a prisoner in a South Carolina prison is not an issue, right?

sc prison

Please take a moment and sign the Rehinge‘s petition urging Gov. Haley and the Department of Corrections to drop the appeal of Judge Baxley’s recent ruling and focus on making the necessary changes.

3). Long term unemployment, what do we do about that?




Fixing unemployment in SC, Part 1: It’s all about the drugs!

So you’ve been laid off in South Carolina and now you’re here to sign up for your unemployment insurance benefits?  Please fill up this cup before you fill out the application for benefits.  We wouldn’t want to  waste an application.

Drug testing for everyone applying for unemployment insurance benefits paid for by tax payer dollars is the first of a series of legislative proposals for fixing our unemployment insurance system popular in Columbia this year.  Continue reading

Show Recap: Leap Day, Susan G. Komen, and unemployment rules


Laying out the details for our community outreach program for Leap Day, Feb. 29th.

Sorting through hype of the Susan B. Komen/Planned Parenthood controversy, reminding everyone that it should all be about breast cancer


making sense of the proposed rule changes to South Carolina’s unemployment system