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Merry Christmas!

Time to start the Food Drive!

food poster 3Monday, Oct. 14th begins the 2013 “Who Cares?” Food Drive benefiting charities and agencies across Greenville County feeding the hungry.  With Southern Starr Promotions and Loaves and Fishes, we look forward to a great Drive.

Right now, we have 5 collection locations, thanks to some great local business.  Find the locations here.  You can also find a list of the food items we are looking for here.
Let’s fill all the boxes every week!

We’re also looking to add locations, so if you own a business or know someone who does, email us at

Check out the other details for the Drive here.



Leap Day, a free day to help others

This year, we all get an extra 24 hours, a free day.  2012 is Leap Year, so February adds a day, Feb. 29th.

We, at Another Voice with Jason and Eric invite you to join us on Feb. 29 as we celebrate this bonus day by helping others.

Charity and volunteerism are as American as apple pie, but the hectic pace most of us lead squeezes our time so tightly, that helping others falls by the wayside.  Let’s change that, if even only for one day.

On Feb. 29th, Leap Day, do something to help someone else out.  It can be anything from serving food at a soup kitchen to picking up trash along the highway; from volunteering at the Humane Society to giving blood.  You could donate to the Salvation Army or the Wounded Warriors.  There are so many ways we can help others, just pick one and help out.

Throughout the month of February, we will be giving suggestions and providing contact information to charities and volunteer opportunities.  Look for a tab at the top of this page to find options.  Please also go to our Facebook page @Another Voice with Jason and Eric, and follow the Leap Day event there.  We want to hear what you decide to do.

Remember, together, we can make a difference.  So see you on Leap Day.