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Syria, according to me!

syriaThere are new dead bodies in Syria, over a thousand and the tool used to cause this devastation is something that the World has said is a step too far (which is saying something for this world), sarin gas.  If this one incident were not horrendous enough, these current deaths are a fraction of the Syrian people killed since their civil war started.  A recent report stated bleakly that the death toll is over 110,000 and over 5,000 of them are children, the true innocents.  A brutal, Muslim Dictator with a slightly secular side desperately holding onto power in the face of tremendous opposition and demands for his removal faces a largely unorganized collection of angry Syrians, some young, secular students seeking democracy, some jihadist, affiliated with Al-Qaeda seeking a Islamic fundamentalist haven for terror and every kind of motivation in between.  If this volatile powder keg were not enough of a mess, chemical warfare and the uncertainty of where the weapons are, how many there are and who controls them raises an even farther reaching threat.

In light of the human crisis in Syria and the unimaginable looming specter of chemical weapons loosed on the world by the hands of terrorists, what is happening in the US.  sabre rattling, political games, and little in the way of actual solutions.

We see the usual suspects who never saw a war they didn’t like lining up to authorize another war, I mean, military strike, but there is a unique twist in this particular situation.  Most of the hawks are not politically on the same side as the Commander-in-Chief, so from one side of their mouth they are lambasting the President and finding every way they can to say he is a failure while out of the other side, they are sounding the call to mount up and ride with the Commander-in-Chief to battle ( sound the call to send other folks to battle.)

Then we have those who have seen through the President’s rouse and looked behind the curtain, or so they say.  These folks shout from the rooftops the “truth” that the President’s real agenda is to give aid and comfort to those people who killed Americans on 9/11 (nevermind almost all involved then are dead).  Their clarion call demands an exposure of our undercover Muslim operative in the White House and demand that we thwart his attempt to spread Muslim terrorism around the world, but esp. against the USA.

What we also see is a war weary populous who has no appetite for war and is unable to see a clear “good guy -vs- bad guy” in this tragic situation.  Most of us feel the tug on our hearts when we see the poor innocents gunned down, but we just can’t take anymore.

Adding to the confusion and morass are the facts that we have conflicting “facts” as to who is responsible for the use of the sarin gas and that some big names in the World, Russia, China and Iran are making noise opposing us.

Quick summary to date: dead children in the streets, chemical weapons on the loose, world powers at odds and no apparent imminent threat to the United States.

So, you ask me, what do I think we should do.  Here’s my honest answer…I don’t know!

I know we need to dispense with the sloganizing this mess.  This is a complex situation with so many facets that there is no one simple answer, so if your answer can fit on a poster, you aren’t looking at the entire problem.   I know we need to be looking at everything, listening to all the voices on this.

Right now, I say, we should not intervene militarily.  Why not?  1). There does not appear to be any imminent threat to the US.  2). No one can tell me that military intervention would either prevent these chemical weapons from being used again or that intervention would secure them.  3). Our intervention will most likely result in more innocent’s deaths and that can not be good.  4). The intervention, while perhaps toppling a ruthless dictator, might actually create the very thing we were trying to root out of Afghanistan, a terrorist haven.

I don’t have the answers, but I know that the presence of these chemical weapons does require a serious plan from the World community to contain and dispose of them.  How, I could not tell you?  Helping Syria find its way to peace also should be high on our list of things to do, but a cruise missile is a really bad ambassador for peace.

If you have suggestions, disagreements with my analysis, please comment below and let’s have a discussion.

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