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Show Recap, May 6, 2013: Drunks, fat people and place we don’t want to live.

Today, we looked at balancing residential life and the nightlife in downtown Greenville,
night life

took a few minutes to preview tomorrow’s vote for the District 1 congressional seat.
district 1

We also agreed with Sen. Jackson’s proviso currently in the  budget to require no junk food in the Governor’s mansion
healthy food

We weighed in on the ethics reform legislation that passed the House and now is before the Senate in Columbia.

While encouraging listeners to look beyond the cable news networks, we dispelled a recent story of a “War on Christianity.”

Finally, hearing that the #8 most dangerous neighborhood in the country is right here in Greenville, the Woodside community, we talked about working with all manner of groups to make a change.

Friday, I will a guest on the Occupy the Microphone on WOLI 105.7FM/910 AM.  Listen live from 5:00pm-6:00pm!

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