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Show recap, Mar. 12, 2013: Open Carry, Food trucks and FIlibustering drone strikes

We began today’s show talking about Monday’s public hearing held in Greenville, on Sen. Bright’s (R-Spartanburg) proposed Open Carry law for South Carolina,

then we discussed Greenville’s suggested new rules for food trucks,

and finished up the show congratulating Sen. Rand Paul for his filibuster and looking into the reason behind it.

To contact Greenville City County, check out this link

  • Thanks for offering this forum!. As far as the Open Carry, I contend those who want to do away with the CWP system (which wasn’t broken) are either too lazy, stupid, or BOTH to fill out a questionaire instructing them what the LAWS are about jusifiable defense. These are the kind of Bubba Nutz who shouldn’t be allowed to even own a gun without atleast a million dollars worth of liability insurance. (Having certification to even buy amunition). Law Enforcement experts during the hearing used experience and their knowledge of South Carolinians to warn lawmakers, CWP is NEEDED!. It makes you think before you act!. The response of one Bubba Nut was to spew “The reason we NEED Open Carry is because of guys like YOU!” (meaning all gov’t authority).

    Heck, maybe reverse psychology is what the SubCommittee members are actually trying here. Arm all the red necks and then they can kill each other off immeadiately upgrading the education status of South Carolina as a whole?. The rest, law enforcement can just shoot first and ask questions later claiming “He/She went for their gun”. AND one last thing, these General Assembly persons were careful to put in ONE restriction over private protection. They agreed to let delivery places (Hint HInt Pizza Hut) continue their BAN in lieu of employment/firing of drivers carrying personal protection in the driver’s own car. The old adage sez “He who owns the tools, OWNS the job”. In the 5th most dangerous job in America, (A driver was recently killed and several more beaten senseless) if anyone needed protection, it’s these couriers…(One reason I tell people the HELL with Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s!…Buy from local pizzaria’s that ENCOURAGE their drivers to take responsible means of self-protection!)

  • Bryan, thanks for adding your voice to this discussion.