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Sept. 30, 2014 Podcast: Roads & Taxes, Who are these People?

On this week’s show we began with Eric’s perspective on the proposed Greenville County sales tax increase to fix our roads and bridges scroads72614
On next week’s show,Oct. 6th, Bob Knight, chairman of Citizens for a Better Greenville, will be with us to tell us why they believe we should vote “yes” on the 1% sales tax referendum in November and the following week,Oct. 13th, Joshua Cook, chairman of the Palmetto Liberty Caucus and a driving force behind the “NO Tax Hike” movement will join us to explain why he believes we should vote “no” on the 1% sales tax referendum.

We then sent the rest of the show with our “Who are these People?” segment.

We introduced the final candidate for Governor, Democrat State Sen, Vincent Sheheen
vincentWe’ve now introduced all 5 candidates for South Carolina Governor.  The 3 non-traditional candidates:
Libertarian, Steve French, United Citizens, Morgan Reeve and Independent Republican petition candidate, Tom Ervin
and our current Republican Governor, Nikki Haley.   You can check out our podcast segments about these others here.

We also introduced the 2 candidates for Lt. Governor
Republican, Henry McMasters
And Democrat, Bakari Sellers

Oct. 1st, we began the “Share the Harvest” food drive and the drive continues through Oct. 31st.  Check out here for details and locations to drop off non-perishable food items.

And don’t forget to get your tickets for the Harvest Hoedown for the Homeless (People and dogs too).  This is going to be a great fundraiser, live local music, great food, dancing, games and much more all to benefit Loaves and Fishes and Save a Dog Rescue Mission, LLC

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