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Race for the Cure 2014

10606134_10204002065145680_4504879039716333706_nThis past Saturday was the 20th running of the Race for the Cure and Another Voice was there,

Our team logo: “Let your feet do the talking.  Be Another Voice for the Cure.”
IMG_1358Our team of actual walkers was a little smaller than originally planned.

Of course, Brandon was sleeping-in down at the coast:
t-shirts 10690115_10204097946782661_3236379441933857569_nMom and Starr could not make it, so that left Jen, Jonathan and I to make the walk!
10645241_10204100122357049_3146308154902501954_nWhich we did in style and I even ran…a little…at the end!

Enjoy some photos from the Race

10351822_10204099371978290_515408339987426602_n  10712748_10204099415819386_3869779658863163799_n 10653430_10204099372138294_1561523897595736902_n

          10629821_10204099375378375_1973881531987747830_n  10671435_10204100123317073_5340092522752481275_n

10177485_10204100122877062_2060577449121820528_n  10610567_10204099483021066_6513356320769303869_n  10401472_10204099484061092_7559415762742780454_n