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Primary Candidate primers, good news-bad news

2As you know, we try to bring you as much information as we can and when it comes to elections, we try to give you basic candidate information.  This was our intention again this year and the good news is that we were able to complete and publish the Democratic Primary candidates, which you can find under the tab: 2014 election above.

Now for the bad news: since we procrastinated on the Republican candidates and did not back up all the data we gathered, when we were uploading the data this evening, a glitch with our website occurred and we lost all the data.  There is no way we can bring that data back together in the time remaining, so we will not be having a Republican candidate primer for this election.  We do apologize.

If you are seeking information on the Republican candidates, I would recommend watching the ETV debates held over the last two weeks.  You can find them here.   They cover the state-wide candidates.

We apologize for dropping the ball like this, but we urge you to come out to the polls on Tuesday and make a difference in your community by letting your voice be heard.


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