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Primary Day in South Carolina: Time to vote!


Today is Primary Day in South Carolina, so let’s all get out and let our voices be heard!

There are two races that will be contested in the Democratic Primary today. donkey

State Senate District 7:
Senator Karl Allen (Incumbent)
Lillian Brock Flemming

Greenville County Council District 25:
Bajeyah Eaddy
Pastor Martha Evans
Ennis Fant
Councilwoman Lottie Gibson
Bunk Johnson.

This means that only voters that reside in State Senate District 7 and/or Greenville County Council District 25 will have a Democratic primary. All other areas will not have a Democratic Primary.

There are 7 races that will be contested in the Republican Primary today.elephant
State Senate District 5:
Sen. Tom Corbin (incumbent)
John White

State Senate District 6:
Johnny Edwards
Senator Mike Fair (Incumbent)
William Timmons

State Senate 12:
Senator Lee Bright (Incumbent)
David McCraw
Lisa Cooley Scott
Scott Talley

State House District 22
Jason Elliot
Rep. Wendy Nanney (Incumbent)

Greenville County Council District 18
Councilman Joseph Baldwin (Incumbent)
Mike Barnes

Greenville County Council District 21
Lance Byars
Stacy Kuper
Rick Roberts

Greenville County Sheriff
Bruce Cannon
Hobart Lewis
Will Lewis
Sheriff Steve Loftis (Incumbent)
Sam Manley

This means in most places where voters will vote there will only be a Republican Primary, except in State Senate 7 and/or Greenville County Council District 25, where there will be both a Democratic and a Republican Primary.

Let’s make a difference in our community today and VOTE!

Check out for all your voting needs!

June 5, 2016 Podcast: What did our Legislature accomplish and Honor the Fallen by using the Military right.

We had a special guest join us for the show today: Double A, the Rock and Roll Diehard from Occupy the Microphone.

The Legislative session is over and we looked at what they accomplished.

150709-haley-jackson-02_71a5ddf47f1ab14bc70706bbe3178991.nbcnews-fp-1200-800They actually did get some bills to the Governor’s desk on everything from mopeds to CWP reciprocity to abortion.
MOPED_REGULATIONS_02  B9318624510Z.1_20150829125105_000_G5LBOT7TK.1-0  download


We even managed to get a roads bill (of sorts) passed.
President Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima right before Memorial Day led us into a discussion of how best to honor our brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation.
160527045451-13-obama-japan-0527-super-169    wreath


2016 Candidate Spotlight Series: Greenville County Sheriff: Sam Manley

candidate spotlight series


The thirteenth in our 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series focuses on the Greenville County Sheriff and we interviewed one of the challengers: Sam Manley.manley 2

2016 Candidate Spotlight Series: U.S. House of Representatives District 4: Chris Fedalei

candidate spotlight seriesThe twelfth in our 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series focuses on U.S. House of Representatives District 4 and we interviewed the challenger: Chris Fedalei.CFedalei


Our May #Spare1Day4Change activity: Helping out at the Center for Developmental Services.

For our May #Spare1Day4Change, we lent a helping hand to the good folks at the Center for Developmental Services. This amazing place brings together a number of diverse agencies and groups, like the Greenville Hospital System, Clarity and more to help children with developmental delays or disabilities.
IMG_4047    IMG_4048
They are getting a make-over and upgrade in many areas, starting with their media resource center. In order to get the work truly started, the old had to be removed and that’s where we came in. We spent a few hours moving books, videos, toys, bookshelves, cabinets, furniture, etc.IMG_4051  IMG_4049  IMG_4052

A little physical work will go a long way to make a change in the lives of these little one.
So what did you do?