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Sept. 5, 2016 Podcast: Phones, Flags, Strippers and The Donald Goes To Mexico.

We began our show this week discussing a way to use our cell phones to help the homeless.

We next turned our attention to recent controversies dealing with flags and the national anthem on the local and the national level.
images   co647_090616102001

Then it was time to try to make sense of recent actions taken by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Solicitors Office that cost over $100,000.00 and related to one single strip club.platinum-plus

Finally, we took a brief look at Donald Trumps unique immigration plan that seems to include a bit of extortion, some strong arming even legal immigrants and a push for ending birthright citizens under the mistaken impression that “anchor babies” are the overwhelming reason folks come here illegally.01trump3-master768


Join the Team, celebrate 10 yrs cancer-free and fight to defeat breast cancer.


We are 25 days away for this years, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the 5k that raises funds for breast cancer research.

Sept. 24th at Heritage Park in Simpsonville

Once again, Another Voice will be hosting a team and we want you to join us.  This year we will be celebrating Eric’s mother’s 10 yrs cancer-free anniversary that is also in Sept.11102710_528487347291953_6171744258350704752_nYou have several options to be a part of our team.

You can walk/run with us at the Race for the Cure.  Here’s the link to join our team:

If walking.running is not your thing, you can donate in our team’s name and here’s the link to donate:

And you can even just sleep in, yes, you can register for “Sleep-in for the Cure” and get a t-short, race bib and the like.  Here’s the link to sleep-in:

We welcome you however you want to join us.

Together let’s make a difference in our community in the fight against breast cancer.


Aug. 28, 2016 Podcast: #YeahThatGreenville and A Different Choice for President.

The City of Greenville was our focus for the first half of the show today.
greenvilleWe looked at the good and the bad of our recent growth, discussed how the City could improve how we grow and some controversial aspects of recent or future growth.

Then we turned to presidential politics, but the names Trump and Clinton were not the focus.
Johnson-OG-2We introduced one of the two other choices South Carolinians will have come Nov. 8th: Gov. Gary Johnson/Gov. Bill Weld running on the Libertarian ticket.  C.J. made a clear case as to why we should consider an alternative to the two major parties and the two candidates that so many are disappointed in.

Take a few minutes to check out another option.


August 14, 2016 Podcast: “Suits, Beds, Drugs and an Economic Plan”

We addressed a wide variety of subjects this week:

Starting out with YOUR tax dollars buying high end suits.

Moving on to the city of Greenville struggling with technological innovation and old fashion businessAirbnb_mobile_app
We puzzled over the DEA’s recent ruling that marijuana has no medical value.Medical+Marijuana37


Finally, we took a look at Donald Trump’s most recent Economic Plan for America which he promoted in a speech in economically devastated Detroit.CpYBT1EXgAA_5jV



July 31, 2016 Podcast: “Local Happenings and The Democrats Party”

With C.J. joining us again,we started this week show focused on what our state and local government is doing:

920x920Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Bill Bledsoe is promoting open carry for SC with a series of rallies in every county and at the State House.

ZIk0NG4Greenville County closed off Tower Rd and a popular lookout spot atop Paris Mountain due to vandalism and trash.


While much of Greenville has enjoyed growth and progress, some areas are still mired in the poverty and stagnation.  The City is calling these areas Special Emphasis Neighborhoods, although we may know them better by other terms, like “the ghetto” and “District 25″(although not all of them lie withing District 25) .  We took an initial look at how the City is growing and why these areas have been left behind.

Hillary Clinton delivers her acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination for president on the final night, July 28, of the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pa. --Deanna Del Ciello/Education Week

Finally, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton had their party and we shared out thoughts.