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Jan. 16, 2017: Remembering Dr.King, Offering Some Perspective on President Trump and Demanding SC Legislators Show Us The Money.

kingOn today’s show, we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through some of his words; words that still ring true and are still needed today.


We offered some perspective on the presidency to come of Donald J. Trump,

show me the moneyAnd demanded our Legislators show us how they are going to pay for all the legislation they are proposing and what the Courts are demanding.


Podcast update: What are Congress and the SC Legislature Doing?

January 2, 2017 podcast: A New Year, New President and New State Legislation.

15822638_10210527036665890_742261209344194618_nWelcome to 2017!  We are looking forward to a great year and are glad you will be with us.

Join us this year for #Spare1DayForChange.
13015140_1603349859984955_8719927103099479232_n Each month, take one day and help someone in need.  Whether you volunteer with an organized charity or help out a neighbor, let’s make a difference in our community by lending a helping hand to others.

We started today’s show by discussing our new President-elect, Donald Trump.  We looked briefly at his cabinet, his policies and his opponents.donald-trump-president-elect

We then turned our attention to Columbia and legislation that our elected officials hope to vote on this year.


Nov. 13, 2016 Podcast: Post Election Coverage: What Happened & What Do We Do Now?

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
How did this happen?
-This is probably the most asked question since the election results were counted.

What do we do now?
-Probably, the second most asked question and one people are asking loudly and in the streets.

On today’s show, I invited a friend, Loyd Ford of and Stories of the Upstate
14947556_832381566904564_5648100150700274241_n   13592678_569352276580936_3384580577602007978_n
to join me in discussing these two compelling questions.

Let us know what you think.


Also, don’t forget to join our food drive.

Advice from a poll worker #2: What to do when you get to the polls.