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Upgrading your computer…oops

July 29, 2015 Podcast: City elections and “Deal or No Deal” Iran-style

We had some technical difficulties that resulted in this show being delayed in posting, but I think it is worth the wait.

On this show we took a closer look at the two contested races in the Greenville City elections.
electionHere is a link to the candidate forum featuring the candidates for the two contested seats.


Then we played “Deal or No Deal” Iran-style!
deal  OR no deal

Coming up next: Presidential politics: the Debates Begin!

July 19, 2015 podcast: We go to Greenville and to Prison

This week, our Libertarian friend and co-host, C. J. McLaughlin joined us as we discussed:

Greenville’s upcoming city elections and downtown Greenville’s infrastructure problems
Document  index

As well as criminal justice and prison reform in light of President Obama’s recent actions on the subject.
Ql5U15R  reform

Don’t forget the Julie Valentine center’s Run2Overcome 5k/10k coming up on August. 1st.

July 13, 2015 Podcast: SC Legislature makes history, Blaming the right folks and Survivoring.

We started this week’s show discussing history being made by the South Carolina Legislature
vote  -the fact that the SC Legislature actually introduced, debated, voted on and passed a bill in less
than one week. (Oh and they removed the Confederate Battle flag off the state house grounds.

We then debated who’s to blame for the rising cost of college education in the US, the colleges (who keep raising tuition every year) or the federal government (who continues to provide assistance for folks wanting a college education.

Finally, we took another look at our political reality show,
Survivoring, the Road to Pennsylvania Ave.

Don’t we have enough contestants yet?
more than a bakers dozen dems
We also are encouraging folks to join us in helping the Julie Valentine Center as they raise money through the Run2Overcome 5k/10k run.  Here is where you can get involved.

July 7, 2015 Podcast: Battling about the flag and the Supreme Court.

On this week’s show, we covered a couple hot topics which resulted in a sightly longer show than normal.  Ok, 15 minutes might not be “slightly over,”  but I think you will appreciate it.

We started with the Battle over the Battle flag.
And finished with the Supreme Court.