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October 18, 2015 Podcast: Meatheads against domestic violence and the Democrats take the stage.

october-domestic-violence-purple_ribbon-resized-600.jpgWith October being Domestic Abuse Awareness month, we introduce some self described meatheads who help victims of domestic violence, the guys at Meathead Movers.
indexHere’s how you can follow their example: #MoveToEndDV.

Last week, the Democrats finally took the stage for a debate
democratic-debate-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-las-vegas-oct-2015-billboard-650and we break down their performances.

Oct. 12, 2015 Podcast: The 1000 yr flood and the Killing of Tamir Rice

aerial_flood8   8950825_G
South Carolina is slowly recovering from a once in a 1ooo yr flood that has devastated many in our state, but also highlighted our generous citizens.  We dedicated the first half of the show to the flood.
8962226_G   8956760_G

We spent the second half of the show on the killing of Tamir Rice.  We attempted to address this tragedy with a different perspective or perspectives and the goal of preventing this kind of tragedy from happening again.  timthumb.php

Was that Noah

Sept. 28, 2015: Power, Pope Francis, and presidential politics

On this week’s show,  we tackled a number of topics in an kind of “rapid fire” manner

Energy Mix all-of-the-above energyFirst, we talked power, as in energy.
-Shell decides to end their drilling in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska.
Polar bear      -Elon Musk unveils a new way to power your home.
We then moved on to Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S. and his historic speech before a joint session of Congress
20150924-Pope-Congress-Moses                                                                    (He managed to make both sides unhappy)

And we finished the show talking presidential politics.
-Hilary might have lost her “frontrunner” status.
ap_65215530042_wide-908bef91a17210c3bdd3f539dbdaf9e882b32a8f-s1100-c151      -Donald Trump continues to sound like a conservative…and a liberal.

Race for the Cure 2015: a wet but wonderful day.

This past Saturday was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Greenville and we, at Another Voice, had a great team. teamWe had a couple of guys from Occupy the Microphone:
       Gorgeous Gregg          and      Double A, the Rock and Roll Diehard (Pictured with Jonthan)
12049623_10206836719450266_939355388196439468_n                                 12063701_10206836703769874_851890744208186966_n

CJ showed us all how to really do the Race for the Cure.  He, not only ran it, he finished in 6th place.
cjFamily was there as well,
my daughter, Jeni and the reason for my involvement, my mom (Again, there’s Jonathan)
12065691_10206836703729873_2180356791467177105_n                        12019798_10206836550046031_1296018746778722246_n
Jonathan, of course, was there
and finally, I was there.
12019865_10206836546485942_5486617980707010331_nThe Race had great turnout:
12063790_10206836751171059_8329081107258771679_n       12047205_10206836751251061_4807545044939085490_n

and there were lots of survivors which is why we do this all.
12046634_10206837125660421_5432121935354255047_n           12043189_10206837135940678_6969950934546492251_n

Let’s do this again next year!