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Santa and the Grinch, South Carolina style

December 13, 2015 Podcast: Body cams for police is the law in SC, now what?

We, at Another Voice with Eric and Friends, have advocated for body cameras for all police and South Carolina recently passed legislation requiring body cameras to be worn by all police across the state.  We applaud the Legislature and the Governor, now what?

On this week’s C.J. McLaughlin joins us in answering the “Now what?” question, including: how do we pay for them, when should they be used and who should have access to them.

Click here to read the law on police wearing body cams.

Click here to read the recommended guidelines for the use of the body cams.

Click here to find out how you can contribute to the City of Greenville’s policy on their use of the cameras.

A successful food drive thanks to you!

Nov. 29, 2015 Podcast: Just a couple of guys riffing on life and current events.

This week, we took a different approach to the show.

We invited our friend Double A, the Rock and Roll Diehard from Occupy the Microphone to join us and we sat around the mic, riffing on everything from Mac and Cheese as a Thanksgiving staple
to Donald Trump mocking (or not) a reporter.
We had a good time doing changing things up a bit.  Hope you enjoy as well.

Nov. 22, 2015 Podcast: Feeding the Hungry, FOIA, and Fear?

Feeding the hungry was where we started this week’s show.

We reminded folks about #ProjectFeeding5000
Encouraged folks to donate to the “Who’s Feeding the Hungry” food drive.
feeding17And we highlighted another local example of folks feeding the hungry:
Our fellow host, C.J. McLaughlin and his co-workers at Advoco donated over $1800.00 to Project Host.

We then talked about a way that average citizens can help hold our government acountable:
Freedom of Information requests.
FOIA copy
Finally, we looked at the attacks in Paris, refugees and the Syrian civil war.
12240126_1053530631348031_2210274791391578729_n8b740d81-3dbd-40d3-aff7-fae3c852df91-2060x1236  turkey-syria_2560542c

Here is a link to Cato Institute article we referenced during the show re. refugees.