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January 31, 2016 podcast: Presidential politics and the Legislature’s new session.

We began the show previewing the Iowa Caucuses.

1oBqYR16Of course, by the time this episode posted, the results have been tabulated and we can see who predicted things right. Yes, that was me, Eric…ok, so technically Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, but really it was a tie, so it’s a win in my books for Sanders.

We also took a brief glimpse at what our elected leaders in Columbia have been hard at work accomplishing.

“Impressed” was not a word we used for our conclusion.

Please remember #HelpingonLeapDay2016 and check our our interview with Hands on Greenville.


#HelpingonLeapDay2016: United Way’s Hands on Greenville



February is here, so it’s time to plan for #HelpingonLeapDay2016.

We’re encouraging folks to take our “extra” day, Leap Day, Feb. 29th and lend a helping hand to someone.  Together we can be a big help in our community.

In order to help you decide who you would like to help, we’ll be interviewing folk from various charities and groups across Greenville County and letting you hear their needs. We’ll be posting them here as well as on our Facebook page and our #HelpingonLeapDay2016 event page.

Today’s group, United Way’s Hands on Greenville is an amazing resource.

They connect volunteers with approx. 400 charities, agencies and groups that need volunteer help as well as promote volunteerism in a variety of ways.  If you want to be a part of #HelpingonLeapDay2016, but don’t even know what you would like to do, a visit to their web page will allow you to browse a wide variety of volunteer needs from soup kitchens, animal shelters to yard work and so much more. My interview with the manager of Hands on Greenville, Sheila Mettetal is under 15 minutes so please give it a listen.

Remember that if Feb. 29th won’t work for you to be a part of #HelpingonLeapDay2016, that’s alright, just pick any day in Feb. and make that your Leap Day and trust me, I’m certain Hands on Greenville will have something you can do.

Also, please send us a photo or video of what you end up doing.  You can post them on our #HelpingonLeapDay2016 event page or email them to Eric at

Oh and please share this event with, well… everyone you know.

Let’s make a difference in our community.

Happy Anniversary to us!

We almost forgot.  Another Voice turned 5 this month.

studio-shot-2-300x192Time definitely flies when you’re having fun and this has been one fun ride.  That early January 2011 Saturday morning when Jason and I stepped into the WOLT 103.3 studio for the very first Another Voice with Jason and Eric show, we really had no idea what we were doing.  We researched and prepared to discuss 4 or 5 topics and only had time for two.  We thought no one would listen, but had callers the first show. We had no clue how long the show would last and here we are 5 years later, going strong.  Sure, the name is slightly different, Another Voice with Eric and Friends, we moved to a new medium:online podcasting, the cast of characters has changed and the emphasis has expanded, but Another Voice is going strong and looking forward to another 5 years of making a difference in our community.

While we didn’t have an online presence from the very beginning, we did record and save the shows.  We’ve added the first or second show we did here for you to enjoy and for us to reminisce.

We’ve had some amazing experiences along the way:

Hosting a candidate forum in 2012,


Covering Presidential debates:
384095_287241574643611_2055320007_n  12507169_10207494380531382_4780446242654746081_n                                                                                                                                 IMG_3531

Holding voter registration drives:
1625629_10151990796026507_4345164868662619298_n1-300x30010152650_10202930641680763_5909961294321967611_n-300x224  10245579_10202930951448507_7568163918118535459_n-300x224
10689614_840255766008853_6786363094161868271_n  10706567_10152750826188035_611554028_n

Holding food drives:
481774_489739977727102_88963965_n  995204_653859951315103_1232787699_n 10645273_839959872705109_7072319119993648409_n


And supporting various charities:
931407_586644891369943_1601177935_n  Jonathan-Julia-and-Eric-volunteering-for-the-Run2Overcome-277x300 team-300x275

      10645241_10204100122357049_3146308154902501954_n-300x225 12042677_1034516186582809_4547769931482707228_n

7  1-300x199

These are just some of the wonderful ways that Another Voice has been able to make a difference and we look forward to so much in the next 5 years.

I have to thank a few people for making Another Voice what we are today.

First, my original partner on the show, Jason Rogers


It was Jason’s confident belief that two average Joes with no experience in radio or talk show hosting could actually create a successful talk show that mattered that made Another Voice even possible.  Jason brought a unique perspective to politics, including a sense of humor that made me cringe from time to time.(Ask him about selling nukes to terrorists..he was joking)  His big passion was education and he promoted the need to improve the state of education in South Carolina every chance he got.

What can I say about our original producer, John Boone
John BooneWe learned so much from John and he made Another Voice a great success. He took our raw desire to have a great show and gave us the practical tools to succeed.

Then there is our comic relief, our Pun Master, Brandon Blizzard
questioning Brandon with flag  10632879_831012400266523_3363524562563289595_n
Whether he was bringing us his weekly segment, Ramble On or just bringing his sarcastic political commentary to our topic of the day, he provided insight and laughs.

Then there is Jonathan Rogers, who started as our board operator but quickly graduated to co-host.
1236201_640935979274167_466735800_n 12507169_10207494380531382_4780446242654746081_n
He brings an unique perspective to the show and a consistent side kick and “partner in crime” for all the activities that Another Voice does.

Finally, we want to thank you, the listeners.

Here’s looking forward to another 5 yrs.  Join us for the ride!

CORRECTION on voting information from our recent voting special episode.

Friends, we need to apologize for providing some inaccurate information about registering to vote.
In a special episode of Another Voice with Eric and Friends, we said that you had until Jan. 27th to register and be able to vote in either SC presidential primary. We thought we had the correct information, but we were mistaken.
If you wish to vote in the Republican primary on Feb. 20th, you must register by close of business tomorrow, Jan. 20th, not Jan. 27th. If you are voting in the Democratic primary, you have until Jan. 27th.
I sincerely apologize for providing this inaccurate information. I really did check this to be certain, but got it wrong.
This is from the official state voting registration office website.

Photos from the 2016 Democratic Presidential Debate in Charleston, SC

IMG_3508   IMG_3513


IMG_3492   IMG_3487


IMG_3496   IMG_3506


IMG_3531   IMG_3526