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#HelpingonLeapDay2016, serving at the Project Host soup kitchen

Feb. 21, 2016 Podcast: South Carolina votes Republican and the Feds want a bite of the Apple.

With the SC Republican primary occurring the day before, C.J. McLaughlin and Eric break down what happened at the polls here.voting03
We also looked at the results of the Nevada Democratic Caucus.
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Finally, fighting terrorism and individual freedom and business autonomy are in a death struggle with the FBI and Apple fighting over breaking the encryption of the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists. We tried to clear up what is exactly happening and weighed in with our take.

We are just 1 week away from #HelpingonLeapDay2016, are you ready?


Feb. 17, 2016 Podcast: Justice Scalia, Presidential debate and DOT reform-NOT

Today’s show we focused on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the fallout his vacancy has created.


We reviewed the Republican Presidential Debate held at the Peace Center that was more of a shouting match than anything productive. RTX26TL7-layout-comp-725x496


And we discussed our Legislatures Roads legislation that fails to reform the DOT and demands we send them more

#HelpingonLeapDay2016 is almost here.  Do you know where you’ll be helping?


#HelpingonLeapDay2016: Loaves and Fishes Greenville


Leap Day is almost here, so here’s another place where you can lend a helping hand on our “extra: day.

We’ve introduced you a great organization that connects volunteers to folks who need help, United Way Hands on Greenville.

Now meet an non-profit that connects food with hungry folks: Loaves and Fishes Greenville.

Loaves and Fishes rescues food from grocery stores, restaurants and catered events that would otherwise end up in the landfill and distributes it to 94 charities, agencies and organizations across Greenville County.  Last year, they rescued 1.8 million pounds of food that would have been trashed and helped out groups like the Frazee Center, Greenville Rescue Mission and Project Host feed the folks that rely on them. My interview with Tessa May of Loaves and Fishes is under 15 minutes long.  Please give it a listen and find out more about this great organization and see if this is where you’ll be doing #HelpingonLeapDay2016.

Remember that if Feb. 29 won’t work for you, you can pick any day left in Feb. and make that your Leap Day.  I’m confident that Loaves and Fishes will be able to use your help any day this month.

Also please send us photos and videos of what you end up doing. You can post them on our #HelpingonLeapDay2016 Facebook event page or you can email them to me,

One last thing. Please share this with…well…everyone.

Let’s make a difference in our community!

Feb. 10, 2016 Podcast: The voters have spoken, Iowa and New Hampshire style.

Today’s show was all about the voters finally getting their say in the first caucus and the first primary of the 2016 Presidential Election season: Iowa and New Hampshire.

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We did manage to slip in a few minutes discussion about what is and what is not happening in Columbia.

Ready for  #HelpingonLeapDay2016?

South Carolina Republican Primary: Feb. 20th, Saturday
South Carolina Democratic Primary: Feb. 27th, Saturday.

Check out for all your registration and voting questions.