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Oct. 28, 2013 Podcast: A look at Loaves and Fishes and more

We opened today’s show with an interview with Tessa Mays, Development  Coordinator for Loaves and Fishlandf

Then with the Immigration bill passed by the Senate waiting on the House to act, we checked out how some formerly pro-immigration reform congressmen now are backing away because they’re mad about how the President “negotiated” during the shutdown/debt argument.  Is that how a bill becomes a lw?
German Chancellor Merkel has joined a number of leaders of our allies who are “outraged” at finding out the NSA has been spying on them.  We questioned the “outrage.”
merkel 2
Finally, we discovered that Denmark is the happiest nation in the world

Here are the contact information for Loaves and Fishes:
Phone: 864-2323595Tessa Mays, Development Coordinator:

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