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Oct. 21, 2013 Podcast: The Debt/Shutdown flawed deal, Zero Tolerance and non-partisan elections

On this week’s show:

debt deal

We cheered the deal to end the shutdown and debt ceiling debate, well, ok, we only half-heartedly cheered, since confidence that Congress will actually make a budget and doing their job is scarce all over the country.


We reminded people of the municipal elections across Greenville County on Nov. 5th and the City of Greenville’s proposal to change city election to non-partisan

zero toleranceWe highlighted the failings of zero tolerance policies, with stories of pop tart “guns” and cartoon bomb drawings.

nuclear stationAnd we focused the public’s attention on potential problems 30 miles away at Duke’s Oconee Power Station as both violations recorded¬† by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and a major safety issue reported by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility have raised concerns that maybe Duke needs to make some changes now.

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