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Nov. 17, 2014 Podcast: Non-profit grocery store and good legislation being considered

10470606_517296575073763_4699275677875428289_nWe started today’s show with an interview of Joni Lecompte, founder and executive director of The Village Market, a project creating a non-profit grocery store for one of Greenville’s food deserts.
joni   joni and I

If you would like to find t find out more about the Village Market, you can contact Joni at:
864-399-7921 or email her at or send her a tweet @TVMGreenvilleSC

We then turned our attention to some legislation being considered in Columbia for the coming session, addressing some pressing topics:

Roads and bridgesscroads72614
and making the Legislature follow the law and fund local government for the state services they provide.

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