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Mar. 17, 2015 Podcast: Playing political games in DC and Greenville County want us to be “pod people.”

Playing political games, sadly, seems to be what our elected officials in DC do best.
PlayingPoliticsOn today’s show, we look at two current issues bogged down with Congressional game playing:

-Iran and negotiations addressing their nuclear ambitions.
-Legislation combating human trafficking and providing help for these vulnerable victims
4391323_orig  The legislation in question is called Justice for Victims of Trafficking of 2015.  Please check it out and urge your elected officials to stop playing games and pass this much needed legislation!

We closed out the show discussing Greenville County’s idea for a new form of public transportation, PRT Public Rapid Transport.
podsLondon’s Heathrow Airport uses the PRT system.  Here is a short video on how they work.