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Let’s fill some pantries!

The struggling economy, colder weather and the holidays combine to clear the shelves of most Food Banks. More families are in need and more of the homeless seek aid from shelters and food banks. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Another Voice with Jason and Eric, Spin-Fm 103.3 and La Nueva 103.9 are holding a food drive to benefit food banks across Greenville County through the month of November.

Triune Mercy Center will be our first food bank. Triune Mercy, 222 Rutherford Rd, provides 50 boxes of food for families and 20 bags of ready to eat items to the homeless. Each week, we’ll check out collection boxes and add a new Food Bank as the donations increase.

We are working with local businesses around the county to place collections boxes conveniently for you to donate. Today we are placing boxes in the following locations:

* WOLT studios: McAlister Square, 222 S. Pleasantburg Dr. Suite B-3
* Little Pigs @ Hudson Corner: 2428 Hudson Rd Greer
* Personal Defense Outfitter: 12 S. Main St. Travelers Rest

In the coming days, more locations will be added. We have a tab above, 2012 Food Drive, where we will update the locations of boxes, show which new Food Banks we are adding and give a list of the types of food items to donate.

Let’s see if we can fill the pantries of all Greenville’s food banks, so they can fill the pantries of all Greenville’s needy!

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