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Is Open Carry the right move for South Carolina?

In the wake of the Newton shooting, Washington is not the only entity looking at changing their guns laws. Many states are passing more restrictive laws. New York recently passed probably the strictest gun laws in the country. Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado are following suit.

South Carolina has also felt motivated to address the gun violence, only our response has been in the opposite direction. Following what would appears to be popular thinking in South Carolina,” armed good men trump armed bad men”, the Legislature is working on a number of bills to keep our citizens armed. In addition to legislation that would allow CWP holders  tocarry their firearms into restaurants and bars, our elected leaders are considering allowing folks to carry firearms openly or concealed with no permit and no education or training.  The supporters of the bill say that if a South Carolina resident can legally purchase a firearm, they should be able to carry it without getting permission from the government.

Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg) is joined by 5 other senators from across the state in introducing S.115 which currently is before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Before the Committee holds a final vote on the bill, they want the public to have their say, so they have been holding public hearings across the state.  Two have already been held.

On Monday, Mar. 11, the Upstate gets to let our voice be heard.  The public hearing will be held from 7:00pm-9:00pm at County Square in the Greenville County Council Chambers.  Citizens who want to express their opinion or ask questions are encouraged to arrive early, so they can get on the list of speakers.

Whether you support this bill wholeheartedly, oppose it in it’s entirety, or would like to see the law amended in some fashion, you have to let those creating the law hear your voice.  Whether you can come to the hearing or decide to send an email, letter or give a phone call, take the time to be active in your community, in making the future of South Carolina better.

Another Voice will be at the hearing, so our weekly show will be delayed until Tuesday evening with details from the hearing.

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