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Introducing the folks who want your vote in November!


When faced with a list of the candidates asking for your vote in November, most folks ask: Who are these people?  Well, at least those interested in making an informed decision.

Another Voice is here to help.  Each week on the podcast, we are introducing candidates for the various offices, what they’ve done, what they say they want to do and other basic information.  We are also updating listeners with proposals and plans that candidates release on issues that face our nation and state.

To make it easier for you to directly access that information, we’ve created a tab above where you can access the “Who are these people” segments directly, find the proposals and plans directly and in the coming months, be able to print out a primer covering all the candidates available to Greenville County residents to vote on in November.

We hope that this will help Greenvillians be active and informed voters in November.

You can find the “Who are these People?” tab by mousing over the 2014 Election tab and clicking on “Who are these People?”

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