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#HelpingonLeapDay2016: United Way’s Hands on Greenville



February is here, so it’s time to plan for #HelpingonLeapDay2016.

We’re encouraging folks to take our “extra” day, Leap Day, Feb. 29th and lend a helping hand to someone.  Together we can be a big help in our community.

In order to help you decide who you would like to help, we’ll be interviewing folk from various charities and groups across Greenville County and letting you hear their needs. We’ll be posting them here as well as on our Facebook page and our #HelpingonLeapDay2016 event page.

Today’s group, United Way’s Hands on Greenville is an amazing resource.

They connect volunteers with approx. 400 charities, agencies and groups that need volunteer help as well as promote volunteerism in a variety of ways.  If you want to be a part of #HelpingonLeapDay2016, but don’t even know what you would like to do, a visit to their web page will allow you to browse a wide variety of volunteer needs from soup kitchens, animal shelters to yard work and so much more. My interview with the manager of Hands on Greenville, Sheila Mettetal is under 15 minutes so please give it a listen.

Remember that if Feb. 29th won’t work for you to be a part of #HelpingonLeapDay2016, that’s alright, just pick any day in Feb. and make that your Leap Day and trust me, I’m certain Hands on Greenville will have something you can do.

Also, please send us a photo or video of what you end up doing.  You can post them on our #HelpingonLeapDay2016 event page or email them to Eric at

Oh and please share this event with, well… everyone you know.

Let’s make a difference in our community.