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Gov. Haley takes the first step in the right direction for ethics reform!

Gov. Haley and Speaker Harrell are just the latest South Carolina elected officials to deal with our state’s weak ethics laws, and disjointed and ineffective ethics commissions. We all know that reform is a must! Gov. Haley took the first good step to making South Carolina a state that will be known for a strong ethics environment and not a state that Boss Tweed and Huey Long would find comfortable. The choices for this Reform Commission give me hope that real reform is possible. We need to watch closely the reforms they propose and encourage our representatives to make the necessary changes without watering them down or creating wiggle room. One reform that I believe is vital for a true Ethics Commission for South Carolina is that the Commission MUST be INDEPENDENT. We can not have a truly effective ethics commission for all elected officials if it is beholden to either the Legislature or the Governor. I propose that the members of the Independent Ethics Commission be chosen by both houses of the Legislature, the Governor and we, the People.

So to Governor Haley I say, “Good first step,” and to the Commission on Ethics Reform, I say, “Do the Right thing and make South Carolina proud.”

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