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Food Truck Revolution was a success!

Tonight, Greenville City Council needed to take one look at The Owl restaurant (thank you so much for doing this)  to see that existing businesses have no need to fear food trucks!

Hundreds of Greenville’s hungry citizens flocked to the Owl to enjoy great food
and let the city know that food trucks are here to stay.

The crowds waited to enjoy great offerings from Asada,

Neue Southern and the Chocolate Moose.

Jonathan, Brandon and I enjoyed a great meal from Asada…AHHHH, YEAH!  That says it all!

As the City reviews the new rules and seeks input from the community, we suggest public hearings and oh, yeah, conversations with the owners of the food trucks.  Many cities across the country have great fusions of food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants,  we want Greenville to join their ranks and then put our own spin on it!

Rather than waiting for the city council to ask for our input, email them and let them know we want food trucks in the mix downtown.  Check here for the email addresses of all the Council.