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Petition Candidates

Ennis Fant, State Senate District 7: 864-640-9726

Joseph Martin, State House District 24: 803-984-5414,

Tommie Reece, State Senate District 6: Reece & Associates 800 E. Washington St. Greenville Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 9am-3pm home/office 864-271-3619, cell 979-3261

  • GreggJocoy

    Great show, as always.  Joseph Martin has decided to take no action at this time.  As I understand it, none of the lawsuits nor a word in the State Supreme Court ruling makes mention of parties which nominate by convention.  There is enough time between now and the November election for a federal court or the Justice Department to evaluate the impact this decision will have on federally protected classes.  Unlike the primary when the courts had to rule quickly, bringing about what many would see as an undesirable outcome, the courts now have time enough if someone moves quickly to protect the rights of candidates and voters who will be disenfranchised in some races because the candidates listened to and followed directions given them by the state bureaucracies responsible for conducting elections and managing public disclosures of state paperwork.