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Demand no pay for Congress during the gov. shut down!

You want to make 800,000 hard working Americans take unpaid leave during a recession because you can’t find a way to get beyond your political posturing and do your job?  Then when you shut the government down, stop your pay checks as well.  Democrat, Republican, Independent, it makes no difference.  We sent you to Washington to get things done.  Sure, there are going to be fights.  Obviously, you will disagree, fundamentally, on issues, but are you actually saying that you can’t do the most basic part of your job, create a budget to run the government?

Friends, we urge everyone to email or call their Representatives and Senators and demand that if they shut the government down, they forfeit their salaries for the entire time the shut down lasts!  It’s about time we demand that our employees actually do their jobs.

If you don’t know who your elected officials are you can call your county election office and they can tell  you, or email us here at and we’ll find them for you.


  • marie tuel

    we seniors cannot go without SS. we depend on that !my property taxes are due Oct 1st!!!
    think they should be fired for not doing their job!!