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Dec. 1, 2014 Podcast: Christmas shopping with a cause and “Fixing” things

indexWe began our show today with an interview with Dr. Gail Everett, the Executive Director of Strides Tutoring, a Christian non-profit that provides tutoring for children struggling in school.  We talked about the wonderful work that Strides does in our community helping children succeed in learning, including providing these services to the low income families on a sliding fee scale so that no child is left out.
2We also talked about their current online auction,Big Steps for Small Readers where the community can bid on some amazing goods and services from local businesses with all the proceeds going into Strides Scholarship fund.

For more information about Strides, click here.
To be a part of the Big Steps for Small Readers auction, click here.

In the second segment of the show, we focused on “fixing” things.

We discussed SC State Sen. Katrina Shealy’s solution to South Carolina’s failing Dept. of Social Services.
We also discussed the government “fixing” the internet to save net neutrality.