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Extending the 2013 “Who Cares?” Food Drive across America

food poster 3

You want to be part of the 2013 “Who Cares?” Food Drive, but you don’t live in Greenville, is there a way for you to join us.   Absolutely!

We would love to see people all over the country collecting food across America,  so we encourage folks to use our logo and start a drive in your area. Here are some ideas:

1). If you are a small business owner, you could place a box in your store and encourage your customers to donate.  If you need help finding a food bank or soup kitchen in your area: email us at and we’ll help you find one.  Post photos of your collection box and your customers donating on our Facebook page here,  so all of us can feel the connection as we all work to help the hungry

2). If you own a bigger business or work for a bigger company that has multiple branches or departments, consider a little friendly competition between branches, etc and see who rises to the occasion.  Again, post photos here, it will encourage others across the country to join in.

3). If you are just an individual, don’t think you can’t be a part of the 2013 “Who Cares?” Food Drive.  You can.  Grab a box, sit it in your living room, kitchen, garage, etc.  Then start asking people to donate.  You say, “Who can I ask?”  Well, you could ask: family, neighbors, friends, bowling team ( any type of sports team), poker buddies, running club, sewing circle, book club, cooking class, etc.  Make sure you take photos and post them here, so we can all enjoy seeing who is helping you help those in need.  And we are here to help you find a food bank or soup kitchen in your area.

Feel free to print out the poster for your collection boxes and let’s fight hunger together across America!


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