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April 7, 2015 Podcast: DOT reform, or not; Gov. Haley says, “Don’t blame me.” and saving $2.6 billion

With everyone from the Governor to the State House to the average citizens calling for reform of the SC Department of Transportation before we talk raising taxes, dotWe started today’s show highlighting the “reform” plans from the House and the Senate which really amount to no real reform.

We also pointed out Gov. Haley’s attempt to not be held responsible for anything that has gone on in a cabinet agency, DSS

Finally, we had to share a clear and simple way that the federal government could save $2.6 trillion over the next 5 yrs without cutting any essential services to the military, entitlement programs or the like.trillionsTo see the details of the suggestions, click here.

Finally, we are encouraging everyone to donate to the fundraising campaign my daughter and I are doing to raise funds for childhood cancer research through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  We are going to have our heads shaved next Wed., April 14, my daughter’s birthday.  We are trying to raise $500 a piece.  If we raise a combined $1000, I will not only shave my head, but will shave off my beard and mustache.  Please consider donating here.  It’s for a great cause.

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