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Eric g. Wood, Host

Hello_my_name_is_plastic_card_2Eric Wood

Eric is a small business owner and e-commerce consultant with two amazing adult daughters. He graduated with a BA in Bible from Bob Jones University in the mid-1980s and has worked in a variety of fields, including property management and construction. Born in Buffalo, NY in 1963 and raised in the small town of Olean, NY, Eric moved to Greenville, SC in 1981 and except for spending 1 year in Birmingham, AL for work, has lived in the Greenville area ever since.

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Civil rights and environmental affairs have been important to Eric and he’s taken an active role, working with Concern Citizens for Equal Justice, a local civil rights group and publishing a blog, Going Green Accidentally, which focused on how the average person can live his daily life, but still be environmentally responsible.

Feeling it was vital that his daughters understood the importance of voting, he and his daughters began volunteering to work the polls each election once they were old enough to do so. They have worked the elections and primaries for nearly 10 yrs.

Eric believes that we, the People are the real power in our country and if we’ll only be actively involved in our government, we can make America, South Carolina and Greenville better. He’s written numerous letters to the editor and op-ed pieces as well as helping Jason Rogers run for Greenville County School Board a few years ago. Jason didn’t win, but both he and Eric learned a lot about the process that motivates them to be actively involved.

Eric’s interest in doing a radio show actual grew out of his desire for his daughters to have access to factual information so they could be better informed when they voted. For a number of years, Eric would collect all the information he could on the candidates running for each election and he and his daughters would sit down and discuss the facts. He didn’t want them to simply vote “the way Dad said to vote.” He wanted them to make their own decisions based on the facts. After a couple years of doing this informally, he began creating simple Primers on the candidates which friends and family began requesting copies of and then they shared them with others. One afternoon, Jason and Eric were discussing about how we could get this factual information out to more folks and Jason joked, “We should go on the radio.” After we stopped laughing, we decided that we had nothing to lose by seeing if we could get on the radio and the rest is history.

Eric’s goal with Another Voice is a continuation of those Primers. He wants to provide as many people as he can with the facts and information they need, so they can make intelligent decisions about who they elect. He also wants to provide a forum where all voices can be heard, not just one point of view.

Eric also firmly believes that citizenship is about more than merely voting and enjoying the benefits of our great society.  Citizenship involves being a member of a community and communities work best when we help each other out.  Whether that community is at the local level, the national level or anything in between, good citizenship involves helping out our fellow man.  Learning from the examples of his mother and some good friends, Eric promotes charities and volunteerism on Another Voice while leading by example.

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