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About Us


Another Voice began on January 8, 2011 as Another Voice with Jason and Eric, a weekly radio talk show on WOLT 103.3 FM in Greenville, SC.  Jason Rogers and Eric Wood were the co-host and our goal was to provide the community with the facts, not the spin, on the issues that we face each day.  We also were committed to providing Greenville with perspectives from all sides of the issues.  We were about positive change rather than partisan politics.
Jason and Eric

In the summer of 2012, Jason took advantage of a great career opportunity in the Myrtle Beach area and moved his family to the beach.  For a few months, he tried to continue being an active part of the show, but in the end, he reluctantly decided that he couldn’t continue and so bowed out. 

After Jason’s move, Eric renamed the show, Another Voice with Eric and Friends, kept the original intent of providing facts and perspective and added the following goal: “To incite people to make a difference in their community as citizens and as neighbors. “Making a difference as citizens,” is the politics side, encouraging folks to vote, communicate with their elective officials, etc.  “Making a difference as neighbors” is the community side, encouraging folks to support local business, get involved with charities and volunteerism.  A frequent contributor to Another Voice with Jason and Eric, Brandon Blizzard joined Jonathan Rogers as regular “friends” each week.

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In early 2013, WOLT, 103.3 FM was essentially bought out and Another Voice left the radio airwaves for our new home in cyber space, 

Online, we are able to not only bring our weekly show via podcast to a far wider audience; we’re also able to employ the internet tools we all love: Youtube video logs, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and the like.  We also feature guest contributors’ articles on the website, remaining true to our original intent of providing perspectives from all sides.

In early 2014, Brandon also followed a new career path to the lower part of South Carolina.  Once again we had to say goodbye to a valued member of our show’s family.  Jonathan and Eric will continue bringing you a great show as we look for a few new “friends.”

So subscribe to our website and join us in making a difference in our community!

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