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2016 Candidate Spotlight Series: Greenville County Sheriff: Will Lewis

candidate spotlight series
The eleventh in our 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series focuses on Greenville County Sheriff and we interviewed one of the challengers: Will Lewis.w.lewis 3


9 Responses to 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series: Greenville County Sheriff: Will Lewis

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    He is so arrogant it makes me sick! Are you planning on having any of the other sheriff candidates? I noticed Bruce Cannon but none of the rest on the recent podcasts. Thanks!

  • Greenville County Resident says:

    Will Lewis is the Sheriff that this county needs!

    For years, under Steve Loftis, the once prestigious Greenville County Sheriff’s Office has transitioned into a revolving door for law enforcement officers and had become reactive instead of proactive in nature. As leader of the agency Steve Loftis beats full responsibility. You cannot lead from a golf course or cigar bar. Morale is at an all time low for Uniform Patrol Deputies and is the reason as to why there are so many vacancies. Loftis may have once been a progressive and good Sheriff, however, after multiple terms in office, he has transformed into another politician that is more concerned with staying in office than leading his deputies.

    Under Sheriff Will Lewis, deputies will be issued body cameras which offers agency transparency as well as protecting our citizens and deputies from misconduct. Deputies will once again be able to perform their duties and serve their community. More importantly, he has the drive, vision, and knowledge to once again make this a Flagship agency through his diverse experience from both his military service and law enforcement experience.

  • Resident for change says:

    Will Lewis is what this county needs. A new approach, a new view, and new policies that compliment but improve those that stand. Our men and women in blue need someone like Will to support and focus on their safety, but even more, to support and focus on the well being of us as citizens. His ideology and policies will keep our children and lived ones safe. I trust in him to do what is necessary and right. Not to hide behind a title or feel that threats that are real do not exist. My vote is for him 100%.

  • Hobart for Sheriff says:

    How can one vote for a candidate who left the sheriffs office and went to work for a criminal defense attorney helping to get the “bad guy” back on the street. Yes I agree that all people should be given a fair trial, but what about dui cases who get off on a technicality but actually failed the breathalyzer test. Will Lewis’ job description for the defense was to help those kind of people. Kind of seems like changing sides. These deputies work hard to get people who are drunk off the street and will Lewis helps get them back on. And he is the most arrogant man I have ever listened to (and I’ve heard him speak numerous times). The sheriffs office will most likely be corrupt with him as sheriff! It would be a sad day for our county.

    • Change for GCSO says:

      Interesting. So what you’re saying is that because a man works for another part of the criminal justice system, which defense practice is another part of the criminal justice system, then he is disqualified? What about a solicitor who works for a defense practice prior to prosecuting cases? Is he any less of an attorney?

      It would seem that someone more well versed is what we need. Lack of education is what got us here.

      Another point. Is the sheriff not responsible for upholding and defending our constitutional rights? Is the right to counsel not part of our constitution? I would hope that our next sheriff would be interested in being fair and just.

      As for Hobart, nice guy. I worked with him personally. But I can tell you that his vision lacks substance. He’s asking for the same deputies that he wants to work for him to violate policies and rules by coming out for him. That puts us in a real bad spot. He believes the command structure is fine the way it is, and yes, I’ve heard him say it. He believes our old beat system is good. It’s not. I can’t tell you who I’m voting for but I will not disqualify Will for protecting the rights of citizens, and I will not be voting for Hobart for doing things the way he’s doing them. He’s said multiple times he wouldn’t get ugly and he has. He says he cares for the deputies but puts them in the very uncomfortable position of choosing him or their jobs. Dangerous presidency he is setting.

      • Hobart for Sheriff says:

        First of all,well-versed and working for the other side are totally different . I wouldn’t want a sheriff who has their previous employer calling up trying to ask favors which we all know would happen if Will got it. He worked for a defense attorney defending people the deputies he is wanting to lead made criminal charges against . His employer also sued the Sheriff’s office…really? Second, Hobart IS a nice guy and he has not asked any deputies to come out and support him they chose to do that themselves . That is not a policy violation, the policy only states that they can’t get involved in politics unless it directly involves their working conditions, which I would say a sheriff’s race affects them more than anything else . If you don’t think he has a vision check out his website. Will keeps saying he has one but doesn’t put it out there. He tries telling about other agencies programs he would copy “Tampa police” but doesn’t even know the correct name for it “its focus on four” not connect four as he stated

  • Loftis4Sheriff says:

    I’m going to start by saying both of you are mislead, and I mean sorely. The only reason I’m even commenting is because I hate to see two guys I worked with, and admittedly somewhat admire, get ripped by two people who obviously know nothing about them. For beginners Hobart is nice, yes. But knowing him the way I do I would have a hard time thinking he could lead a group of people without his true nature showing. It’s evident that by his tone and attitude that he’s not as “nice” as he would have some believe. But to your point he is not violating policy. The worthless turncoats following him are. They are doing more harm than good for Hobart, and anyone who has ever worked there knows it. Will is arrogant no doubt. I worked with him for years and he’s always been that way. But with him what you see is real. He’s never going to change. I have watched everything online I can, looked into Honarts platform, and checked out The plan will has. For the record, in Tampa the department termed it Connect 4 because it connects the 4 crimes to eliminate them. Honarts plan is untested and it does lack substance in some areas. He does want to maintain the agency in some ways which I do like. He’s said over and over he wants to keep the command staff which is good. Will is going to cut some of them out but the plan he has is tested and proven to be a good one. I hate both of them left. They both had good attributes but the truth is no one can beat the Sheriff. 42 years and he’s never been even so much as diciplined. Hobarts been sued. Wills been written up. They are both damaged goods. As for the other 2, the fact that they haven’t even broken the single digits in the poles tells it all. Hobart does have support within the SO, but so does Will. These two will either single handedly break this agency apart with no hope of winning the election or they will give the Sheriff everything he’s asking for on a silver plater. And before either of you say anything, the sheriff had plans in place to make changes before Hobart or Will ever laid their plans on the table. I voted absentee for Sheriff Loftis because I know what he has done and what he’s capable of doing. He may not be the best Sheriff but he’s the best choice we have. We all know the future of the agency ultimately lays with Major Stepp anyway. That’s why I’m okay with my decisions but like I said in the beginning I’m not going to let two people who know nothing about 2 guys I once considered friends bash them.

  • Hobart for Sheriff says:

    I’m not going to go on and on about the candidates because we have our own opinions, it’s not worth it, but if you post something to correct me please be right. The Tampa Police program is Focus on Four. Do a Google search for both that and Connect Four and see what comes up. Connect Four is a game, which is what most of these candidates think this election is. That’s what happens when you rely on what a candidate, any candidate for that matter, says without doing your own research to confirm it.

  • Greenville Voter says:

    Will Lewis is the man for the job!

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