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2016 Candidate Spotlight Series: Greenville County Sheriff: Bruce Cannon

candidate spotlight seriesThe sixth in our 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series focuses on the Greenville County Sheriff and we interviewed one of the challengers; Bruce Cannon.


  • Dennis Weathers

    There are only two candidates running for Sheriff in Greenville County that have supervisory and management skills and training, Steve Lollis and Bruce Cannon. Sam Manly is a proven liar, thief and adulterer, he cannot be trusted in this position, in my opinion. Both Lewises have no real experience that would qualify them for any roll in the SO. I have known Sheriff Loftis for nearly 40 years and respect him immensely, however his work record recently and other personal issues and rehiring Manly demonstrate his lack of due diligence, it is simply time for my friend to retire. Bruce Cannon is imminently qualified in all respect to take our SO to a higher level of efficiency and quality. I have known Bruce for 30+ years and he is a demonstrably moral, ethical and dedicated man, plus he has had the supervisory and managerial training and experience that make him most qualified for this critical position! I

    • Anonymous

      I think we need to get him th job.

  • Something is suspect!

    I personally want to know how there is not a continuous investigation to the gambling ring in which Shea Smith and David Hayes were charged. To my understanding there were more people involved including Major Scott Wilson. There is a video of him cashing out on ball tickets at a bar/club in Pickens County that will soon come out I think within the next several months. A couple of other officers were able to leave the Sheriff and locate other jobs before they were charged and a promise was made to them that when the smoke dies down they could come back. I also understand that Sheriff Loftis was pulled over for intoxicated driving somewhere in Spartanburg and because of who he was he was not charged. Someone needs to go in and clean the house!

  • The People’s Choice Vote BRUCE CANNON FOR SHERIFF

    The People’s Choice Vote BRUCE CANNON FOR SHERIFF
    Whomever is elected Sheriff of Greenville County on June the 14th in The Republican Party Primary will become OUR Sheriff due to the fact that there are no Democratic or Independent candidates running in the November Election. The citizens of Greenville County are the most valuable asset to making a difference in our community. Bruce Cannon has the commitment, experience, passion, vision and leadership that will produce results. Bruce Cannon is the only candidate with business and command staff level law enforcement experience to help build a safer Greenville for all the citizens of Greenville.
    • Bruce Cannon will put more focus on providing you with better service.
    • Bruce Cannon will reclaim your confidence and trust.
    • Bruce Cannon will ensure that the focus of the Sheriff Office is on you the customer and on the quality of life issues that affect you daily.
    • Bruce Cannon will make certain the deputies know and understand the vision and then empower them and provide the resources they need to achieve it.
    • Bruce Cannon will create a Citizens Advisory Panel.