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“Who Are These People?” Introducing the candidates for election in South Carolina in 2014

In just a few short months, we will be asked to select individuals to represent us in Washington and Columbia and we have a good sized list of candidates to choose from.  We have the traditional choices of Republican and Democratic candidates, some of whom we think we know well and some we’ve never heard of before.  Add to the traditional candidates is a host of non-traditional candidates, third party candidates, petition candidates and write-in candidates.  With our busy schedules, we often don’t take the time to get to know our choices.  We allow others to tell us who we “should” vote for, relatives, religious leaders, friends, etc and in doing so, often miss an opportunity to actually vote OUR choices.

Another Voice with Eric and Friends is committed to inciting people to make a difference in their communities as citizens, as well as neighbors  Encouraging people to get registered to vote and to get out and vote are key elements of what Another Voice is all about, but merely getting someone to push a few buttons randomly on election day is not the goal.  What Greenville needs, what South Carolina needs, what America needs is INFORMED VOTERS.  Citizens making deliberate, informed decisions about their own future and the future of their community is essential for our society.

In July, Another Voice began a segment on each show called “Who are these people” to address to need for informed voters.  Each week we introduce specific candidates and give a basic overview of who they are, what they’ve done, what they say they want to do if elected.  We also discuss the proposals that candidates give for problems we face, like crumbling roads or improving our economy.

In a few months, we will also be releasing a candidate primer with the basics about the candidates that you will be able to print out.

Under this tab, you will be able to:
-Watch the “Who are these people?” segments here.
-Read the proposals and plans candidates offer here.
-Print out the Candidate primers here (In Sept./Oct.)

Help yourself to the information here to help you make a difference in your community through informed voting.

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