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U.S. Senate,Full Term (Currently held by Lindsey Graham)

U.S. Senate Full Term (Currently held by Lindsey Graham)

Brad Hutto:
*Married with one college age son.
*Graduate of the Honors College of the University of South Carolina and of Georgetown
University Law Center
*Is a practicing attorney with the law firm of Williams and Williams in Orangeburg, SC.

*Has served as State Senator for SC District 40 since 1996.
*Serves on the following State Senate committees: Judiciary; Medical Affairs; Fish, Game and
Forestry; Rules; Education and Ethics. He is also a member of the Joint Citizen and Legislative
Committee on Children and the Public Utilities Review Committee.

*Was awarded a rating of 100% from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
(According to his web site.)
*Recognized by South Carolina Solicitors Association for his commitment to cracking down on
crime (According to his website)
*Recognized by Planned Parenthood for protecting women’s health(According to his website)

*Pro-Choice (Voted against recent legislation that would make abortions illegal after week 20)
*Pro-Same Sex Marriage
*Considers himself pro-2nd Amendment
(Received a 67% rating from the NRA, voted against the Restaurant Carry law, agreed to send
the Constitutional Carry bill to the full Senate, but then voted to kill it.)
*Pro-public education. Opposes “vouchers” Supports Common Core
*Supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10
*Believes our US Senator should be more focused on improving South Carolina and America
than other countries.
*Opposes lowering the state’s income tax rates.
*Supports the death penalty
*Supports alternatives to incarceration for non-violent crimes, like mandatory counseling and
substance abuse treatment.
*Support Medicare and opposes fixing our financial problems on the back of our seniors.
*Wants to fix the Affordable Care Act, allowing people to keep or obtain the plan that works
best for their family, but opposes returning to a time when the insurance companies are in
control or when pre-existing conditions could be refused coverage or a cap on life time care.
*Supports investing in alternative energy sources, like wind and solar.
Jay Stamper:
*Married with no children
*Graduate from Connecticut with a degree in government
*Works as the managing director for the Palmetto Regional Center Corporation and has founded several businesses, including the Delaware Company, a business filing company specializing in
Delaware incorporation,Progressive Homesellers, and Federal Savings, a finance company that sold debt securities.

*Moved to South Carolina in March of 2013 for the express purpose of running for the US
Senate seat currently held by Sen. Graham.

*Some fear that Mr. Stamper’s run for Senate is just a prank. This fear is partially based on
Mr. Stamper’s previous actions. In 2002, he and some friends registered the names of several
elected official and connected them to various controversial websites, like sites that promoted
white supremacy, cannibalism and cannibas. Elected officials in several states were affected.
Mr. Stamper says he and his friends just thought it was hilarious and that there really was no
serious political agenda behind it. Mr. Stamper insists that his campaign for the U.S. Senate
for South Carolina is definitely not a prank and he is committed to beating Sen. Graham so that
South Carolinians will have good representation.

*Some are also concerned with the 3 felony charges he pled guilty in connection with his
company, Federal Savings. Mr. Stamper maintains that he did not defraud anyone, just made
some mistakes on bad advice. He also points out that he spent $600,000 of his own money to
insure that everyone was paid.

*Pro-choice. He says his position on abortion should appeal to small government supporters,
esp. Libertarians. He says limiting abortion is not an example of limited government
*Pro-Same Sex Marriage
*Supports raising the debt ceiling and then looking for new revenue sources. Says America
needs to pay her bills. He also says we need to reduce waste in government.
*He opposed the Sequester
*Supports closing tax loopholes and tax breaks for corporations.
*Supports investing in alternative energy sources.
*Opposes US intervention in foreign countries, esp. wars that are not based on actual imminent
threats to the US. Says we are wasting trillions on unnecessary interventionism and directly
blames Sen. Graham for much of it.
*Opposes any privatization of Medicare, including a voucher system.
*Supports implementing the aspects of the Affordable Care Act that work and fixing those that
are not working.

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