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Another Voice with Eric and Friends, refocused.

2017 Public Servant Spotlight: Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis


#LivePD, body cams, drug interdiction team and the Sheriff’s office’s new Internet Crimes Against Children Unit are just some of the issues that Sheriff Will Lewis discusses with me in our latest 2017 Public Servant Spotlight.  Sheriff Lewis shares how the reality of being the sheriff compares to his expectations of the job during the campaign and you might be surprised at what one thing disappoints him.  He takes time to discuss the programs or changes that he has been able to implement since becoming sheriff and how they are positively effecting the department and the community.  And he tells the most important thing that he and the deputies need from the public.




July 4, 2017 Podcast: We, the People, Need To Change and What’s In A Name?

Today, I spent the first half of the show talking about “Us.”  The divisiveness of, not only our political discussions, but of our society as a whole has disheartened me, but also motivated me to challenge us with who we really are and how we MUST act for our community to thrive and grow.

In the second half of the show, I talked about who and what we should honor or memorialize and made the case that it is not only ok to re-evaluate who we choose to honor, but it is necessary.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these issues.  Comment here or on our Facebook page.



2017 Public Servant Spotlight: State Rep. Jason Elliot

In the second episode of our 2017 Public Servant Spotlight series, we turn our spotlight on the South Carolina House and interview freshman Representative Jason Elliot.
Rep. Elliot shared how the reality of being a Representative compared to his expectations while campaigning.  He talked about the Dept. of Transportation and the recently passed roads bill and what is needed going forward.  We discussed education and the state pension fund among other things.

If you would like to contact Rep. Elliot and let him know your concerns, here are some avenues to get a hold of him.

State House email:
Phone number: 864-235-5308

Please let Rep. Elliot know your concerns.

2017 Public Servant Spotlight: State Sen. William Timmons

Before the Primaries in 2016 for state and local offices, we ran a series of interviews of several of the candidates running.  We called it the 2016 Candidate Spotlight Series.  Several of those candidates we interviewed won election and we decided to check back in with those candidates as well as with some of our other elected officials in a series we’re calling the 2017 Public Servant Spotlight Series.

We’re asking the newly elected officials how the reality of the office they won compares to their expectations, what legislation or actions they are proud of accomplishing in their first few months in office, what they plan to attempt to attempt to accomplish going forward.

Our first Spotlight focuses on the freshman state senator for District 6, Sen. William Timmons.
The Senator talks about the challenges of the state senate, how even in defeat, he sees progress and some of the legislation he plan to introduce.  We also spent some time on the biggest piece of legislation coming out of this session; the Roads Bill.

If you would like to contact Sen. Timmons, here is his contact info:

Legislature email:
Phone: 864-616-8821

Feel free to let the Senator know of your concerns and ideas.